Benefits of Ordering Contact Lenses through Zaker Family Vision


  • Order All Brands including Specialty Lenses

  • Ship to Home/Work Delivery Available

  • Convenient Local Pick-Up

  • Curbside Pick-up Available ( we won't judge a messy car )

  • Free First Pair with Order

  • Free Solutions and Contact Lens Case 

  • Single Box Order

  • “In a Pinch” Emergency Lenses

  • Factory Representative Help with Defective Product

  • Maximum Allowable Rebates Available

  • Easy Exchange/Returns if Prescription Power Changes

  • Order from Home in your Pajamas, just like your Zoom meetings

We carry in stock, a wide variety of the highest quality

contact lenses for immediate dispensing. We offer:

* Soft One Day Disposables
* Soft Two Week Disposables
* Soft Toric / Astigmatism Disposables
* Soft Monthly Disposables

* Planned Replacement

* Rigid Gas Permeables

* Bifocal Contact Lenses
* Monovision
* Color Enhancing

Contact Lens Solutions
Contact Lens Solutions

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Colored Contacts
Colored Contacts

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Colored Contacts of Blue and Green
Colored Contacts of Blue and Green

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